Save money by finding misspelled items on eBay. Take advantage of seller's misspellings and typos!

About Ebay Typos

eBay is the worlds largest auction Web site with over $23 billion worth of goods expected to sell this year. eBay is turning into a real gold mine for misspelled items all because sellers rush. How does this work you may ask? It’s quite simple. For example Mr X is trying to sell a 20-inch wide screen television. He accidentally misspells "televison". If you go to eBay and search for television you will get thousands of results. "televison" however only returns a few items. Very few potential buyers will see this listing as they will search for the correct spelling of television only. The number of bids and competition for that auction will be low.

A lot of expensive items are sold for close to nothing every single day. Fortunately for us, eBay does not have integrated spell checkers. The amount of misspelled items will increase proportionately with the number of items listed on eBay. As an example search for "pentim" (note the correct spelling should be "pentium"). Chances are you will see at least a few items listed as pentim the same go many other key words.

Some misspelled items will have reserve on them. This means that you will not win the auction unless you bid over the reserve set by the seller. The downside of this is that in most cases the auction reserve is invisible. Therefore you don’t know how much you will need to bid in order to win. On the brighter side reserves tend to be low and the chances of you walking away with a bargain are still very high.

So now what? It is time for you to buy misspelled items dirt cheap. So where do you start? You have a few options. The best choice is our typo checker at You can also slide by google and do a search on commonly misspelled words. There are several lists on the net dedicated to this topic. Just give it a try you will be surprised by the number of results you will find u will be surprised how many results you will get. So you want to buy something expensive for less? Why not search for "dimond"? I myself just got two interesting results while searching for this misspelled item.

The best thing is that you don’t even have to keep the item you just bought. You can sell it straight away using the same old eBay and make a large profit. However make sure you spell your listing correctly. The possibilities are endless. It’s impossible to tell how many misspelled items are out there. At the end of the day it’s all about experimenting. You never know what might be around the corner. Just be creative and search for the strangest misspelled keywords. Who knows, it could be you walking away with the $1000 diamond watch you have bought for $10. Best of luck!