Save money by finding misspelled items on eBay. Take advantage of seller's misspellings and typos!

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Save big money on eBay using free bidding service. is proud to announce the launch of their new innovative free service. Mark Vansito, president of said, “We realize that the eBay marketplace is growing everyday and millions of bidders are looking for an edge. After discovering the large number of typos on eBay we decided to launch a free service that will allow bidders to find misspelled items on eBay."

Misspelled items often receive very few bids as they are not returned in eBay search results. “Auction Bloopers is simple yet terribly effective. A visitor simply types in the item they are looking for and eBay will be searched for common misspelling. For example if a visitor searches for Diamond Auction Bloopers will automatically search eBay for misspellings such as Dimand and Dimond,” said Vansito.

Visitors bidding on misspelled items such as a “dimond” can save up to 80% as the bidding competition is often extremely week on misspelled items. attributes its success to providing a high quality free service for one of the most visited Web sites on the internet --

Vansito said, “ plans to continue enhancing its search tool by adding advanced search features, email notification, and the search of completed items in the near future.”