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eBay Bidding Strategies

eBay is a great place to purchase almost any product or service at a reduced price. Using advanced biding techniques you can save a lot of money. In order to win and save on eBay auctions you will require bidding strategies. One thing you should keep in mind is that there are other people competing with you for the same item. You should never underestimate them.

There are a number of bidding strategies you can use that will help you win the items you want. Even though these strategies tend to be quite effective under certain circumstances, there will be loses. Some bidding strategies will require practise; others can be mastered with a bit of common sense.

The first strategy we will talk about is quite simple but it only works half the time. Did you notice that while browsing various items you always pay attention to those, which already have a few bids? When you see someone bid on the item you are interested in, you get the feeling that the person has found a good deal. So what does this mean? In order to attract less attention to the item you are trying to buy you should leave your bid till the last moment.

Another strategy involves giving your opponents a false sense of seriousness about buying the item. This is a simple strategy of using large increments while outbidding your competition. For example instead of beating competitor's bid of $3 with $4, you increase your bid to $20 straight away. This strategy only works when you are willing to spend the money, and you are bidding against someone less serious than yourself.

Sniping is probably the most commonly used and the most effective bidding strategy used on eBay today. The "snipe" involved making a bid in the last seconds of the auction leaving your opponents with no time to counter your bid. Sniping is used widely across eBay and requires some practise. If there is more than one sniper with an eye on the same item, the one with the "quickest finger" will win by often fractions of a second. I suggest continually refreshing the page until there is about 5-10 seconds left in the auction and then placing your bid at the very last second. It is important to make sure you have logged into you eBay account or you will miss the end of the auction.

Another strategy that some bidders use is against eBay terms of service. There are a number of ways, which I will not mention for legal reasons allowing you to find out the opponents highest automated bid. You can then outbid him/her. Adopting such method could get you banned from eBay as well as negative feedback from sellers.

Finally, we have a strategy that will allow you to bid on auctions without competition. Many sellers are careless or have poor spelling skills and list items riddled with spelling mistakes. Because most bidders find items on eBay via the search tool misspelled items will often go unnoticed by all or most bidders. For example if you search for a "dimond" instead of a "diamond" you will see upwards of a hundred auctions for diamonds. Using a tool like the one featured at will allow you to find all sorts of misspelled items and save hundreds of dollars. Give it a try.